Friday, August 29, 2014

Naranjilla - Lulo: Juice Recipe

Naranjilla is a fruit grown in South America. It is called naranjilla in Ecuador and Lulo in Columbia. There are two varieties that I have grown. One has leaves covered in spines, but fairly clean fruit. The other has spineless leaves, however the fruits are covered in brown fuzz. Regardless of which variety you grow, the fruits should be washed and the stems removed prior to using the fruit.

This is what the spiny leaf fruit variety looks like when cut open. 

I squeeze the pulp and seeds into a bowl...

The pulp is then mixed with equal parts water, blended well, and strained. The seeds generally do not break apart when blending and are easily strained. 

Sugar will need to be added as the juice is quite tart. Naranjilla juice has a nice, semi thick quality and an unusually delightful flavor. It also makes an excellent shaved ice flavoring. This is made by first making a simple syrup by boiling 2x sugar to 1x water, then adding the strained pulp. 



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