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Some of our favorite books about growing bananas and other tropical fruits


Favorite Gardening Hand Tools:

Oxo bread knife is the one tool I use for cleaning up banana plants.

Hand Pruner for Mango Trees
Favorite Pruners
Favorite Trowel

Coconut Coir - I love using this for potting up tissue cultured banana plants. It acts as a nice, sterile soil and is easy to use. Just fill the bag with rain water and allow the coir to expand. It is very fine and holds in moisture well. Best Coconut Coir I have tried.

Our favorite sun hats and gloves
Sloggers Hat
Bionic Garden Gloves
Aussie Vent Hat

Our favorite dehydrator - perfect for dehydrating fruit, making fruit leathers, drying seeds, nuts, and herbs.

Composter we use (Made in USA)

Best plant / fruit tree labeling system:  Metal stakes with label plates and outdoor rated labels


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