Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Links to more information on Bananas

Banana Catalog (TARS/Brian Irish) 
Fantastic resource! File is large and can be slow to load

Banana Forum
Great place to ask questions and trade plants

Good search feature to learn more about bananas

Honduran Foundation for Agricultural Research
Primarily in Spanish but second link has fact sheets in English

Banana Nutritional Deficiencies
This site has great photos (note fig. 22 shows Sigatoka fungus damage)

IFAS Information on Growing Bananas in Florida

Banana Fertilizer (if not using compost circles and wood ash)
http://www.diamond-r.com The Homestead, FL location carries banana fertilizer
Southern Ag - dolomite or gypsum, mighty grow, minor elements

Banana Macro Propagation

Books About Bananas



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