Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inga - Ice Cream Bean

Inga Edulis - Guaba (as it is known in Ecuador)
This is one of my favorite fruits. The light, fluffy pulp that surrounds each seed is sweet and airy...more like cotton candy than ice cream. 

This is a variety I received that was being grown in California. I am not sure if this is Inga feuilleei or another Inga sp. The fruits are much smaller and the skin is thicker than Inga edulis but the pulp tastes very similar. 

Fruit can be refrigerated to make it last longer. Seeds from refrigerated fruits are still viable, however, seeds must be planted as soon as possible after being removed from the fruit pulp. 

The smaller size makes it easy for a single person to eat. The longer fruits in Ecuador required a few people to finish. 

We currently have many seedlings available for sale.


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