Farm Fresh Eggs

We are now certified to sell our farm fresh eggs from our pastured hens. Our hens are lovingly raised and forage here at Sulcata Grove. Supplemental feed is organic and soy free. Eggs are laid in clean nest boxes by the hens and gathered daily. We keep a variety of pet hens which are loved on by our four children. Eggs vary in color and size, but are all equally delicious. 

Because we do not use artificial lighting when the day length shortens, our hens are not as productive in the late fall/early winter. 

After our hens stop laying due to old age, they continue to be our beloved pets and are allowed to continue to live out their full lives here at Sulcata Grove. 

Email us if you would like to purchase eggs. Eggs are currently $10/dozen. 

FL Food Entity Number: 371598



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