Link to current availability of fruit, honey, and eggs 

Available Locally March 2021:
Blackberry Jam Fruit
Freeze dried Backfruit
Freeze dried Bananas

Prices below are for local pickup when available
 We sell by appointment only.  

Sapodillas $2-3 each

Blackberry Jam Fruit $4 each

Dragon Fruit $3 each (available later in the year)

Cinnamon Apple $6 each (available later in the year)

Lychees $8/lb (May-June 2021)

Mangos $1-6 each depending on variety/size (June-August 2021)

Passion fruits $1-2 each
Sold out for now

Jackfruit $1-2/lb depending on variety
$20 per quart bag of cleaned, ripe jackfruit

Bananas $1-5 per pound depending on variety. 
We do not used any pesticides. Varieties include Raja Puri, Orinoco, Saba, Dwarf Cavendish, Sweetheart (FHIA03), Goldfinger (FHIA01), Kandrian, Namwa, Ele Ele, Blue Java, Praying Hands, Pitogo, Hua Moa, Rhino Horn Plantain, Brazilian, Cardaba, Dwarf Monte Cristo, Maoli Kaualau, Manai Ula , Ebon Musak


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