We update our availability list often.

Available Locally May 2020:
Frozen Ripe Jackfruit
Frozen Miracle Fruit

Fruit for shipping to most states (we do not ship to CA or HI)
We occasionally ship fruit when we have extra fresh fruit that is still firm enough to safely ship. While we take care in choosing fruit to ship and in packing it, we cannot guarantee optimal flavor/texture upon arrival. Fruit available for shipping is limited to sapodillas, bananas, passion fruit, ice cream bean, and occasionally mangos. 
We do not sell or ship green mangos or unripe jackfruit

Medium Flat Rate boxes of fruit $75 (postage paid)
Large Flat Rate boxes of fruit $105 (postage paid)
Prices below are for local pickup when available

Please check availability list at top of the page before emailing us to inquire if we have fruit available. 

Miracle Fruit 2/$1

Sapodillas $2 each

Dragon Fruit $3 each

Longans $6/lb

 Blackberry Jam Fruit $4 each

Cinnamon Apple $6 each

Lychees $8/lb 

Mangos $1-5 each depending on variety/size 

Passion fruits $1-2 each

Jackfruit $1-2/lb depending on variety
$20 per quart bag of cleaned, ripe jackfruit

Bananas $1-5 per pound depending on variety. 
We do not used any pesticides. Varieties include Raja Puri, Orinoco, Saba, Dwarf Cavendish, Sweetheart (FHIA03), Goldfinger (FHIA01), Kandrian, Namwa, Ele Ele, Blue Java, Praying Hands, Pitogo, Hua Moa, Rhino Horn Plantain, Brazilian, Cardaba, Dwarf Monte Cristo, Maoli Kaualau, Manai Ula , Ebon Musak


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