Local Raw Honey
for sale
Sarasota, Florida

What makes our honey different? 

  • Our honey is tested by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and is free of all pesticides and antibiotics!  Reports can be read here and here.
  • Our Honey bees are loved and not harmed while honey is collected. We only collect small amounts to make room for more brood (baby bees)
  • We use no pesticides on our property and have an exemption from mosquito control spraying
  • Our honey is hand spun, never heated, and unfiltered

We currently have dark, rich, beyond organic, 
raw honey available

Quart $50
Pint $30
Half Pint $15
Muth Jars $7

Our bees feed on a wide variety of flowers including bananas, passion flower, lychee, avocado, mango, pumpkin, Brazilian pepper, and many others. Our honey is always stored in glass.

Our 5 hives are managed with only non-chemical practices. We created a cement base to prevent hive beetle reproduction and have a water mote around the base to prevent fire ants. Our honey is 100% raw and is never heated or filtered ~ there will be a thin layer of beeswax and pollen. Consuming raw honey with pollen can help those who suffer from pollen related allergies. Our bees are never moved off of our property. 

Please email to arrange pickup of honey. Payment can be made in cash at time of pickup or online prior to pickup.

Apiary Registration # FL0001611W

One of our bees with our Sunshine Blue Blueberry bushes

Feeding on lemon blossoms

Feeding on Lychee

Pollinating passion fruit

Gathering lots of pollen from Rouge vif  D'Etampes pumpkin flower


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