Friday, February 7, 2014

Harvest Face

We thinned our carrots this week. We are currently growing three varieties of carrots. The most flavorful are St Valery (the largest carrot in the top center of our harvest face). Carrots are best when planted in well loosened soil with only one seed planted per 3". I had some young helpers around planting time, so this necessitated thinning of the carrots as they are growing. The thinned carrots are the perfect size for snacking. To pick the carrots, gently move the dirt away from the base of the green leafy top, grasp ahold of the top of the orange carrot and wiggle and gently lift out of the soil. Carrots should then be washed and brushed with a vegetable brush. Cut off the green tops before storing in the refrigerator. The green tops can be fed to rabbits, tortoises, or added to the compost. The leafy tips can also be added to salads if desired.

St Valery carrots are sweet and crisp ~ excellent cooked or eaten raw. 

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