Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's Growing in January

Our passion fruit continues to drop ripe fruit each day. The meyer lemon tree had two ripe lemons. The tree has been affected by citrus greening, so these may be the last fruits from this tree. The little key lime tree that we have potted us has escaped greening so far. The pimiento dulce and paprika peppers we planted from seeds have been doing fantastic along. Our cherry tomatoes were hit with powdery mildew. I made a spray of baking soda, liquid soap, and a small amount of listerine in a gallon of water. The affected leaves have died off and new leaves are growing. Hopefully the plants will continue to put out delicious tomatoes. 

We also have star fruit that is almost ripe, plenty of ripe cranberry hibiscus, fresh oregano, rose hips, bell peppers, and lettuce. 

Our seminole pumpkin plants are looking very healthy and there are new little fruits forming. Some of the mango trees have blooms forming. The miracle fruit tree continues to put out beautiful red fruits that transform anything sour into a sweet treat.

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