Tuesday, January 28, 2014

18 Months Later...

Before we moved into our home, we planted a fruit tree....We knew we wanted to have a yard filled with edible landscaping. Some trees will take a few years to produce fruit, while others, are very quick to produce a bounty of delicious delicacies. 

This was the fence with our passion vine 18 months ago when we first planted it...notice the small amount of leaves on the top of the left side of the fence. Our banana plants had just been planted for a few months. 

This is 12 months later...we were beginning to receive several passion fruits each day that ripened and dropped to the ground. So far this year, this plant has produced hundreds of fruit.

And the bananas.....

Oh, the bananas!!!

 Our bananas have received water from a drip system along with a thick layer of mulch, ash from burning fallen limbs, and a covering of banana peels and cut banana leaves. The cultivars we currently grow are namwah, apple, raja puri, giant plantain, orinoco, saba, dwarf cavendish, and the most delicious mystery banana. The namwah banana has been the most prolific, sending up over 20 new plants and producing two huge bunches of bananas. All of our varieties have produced large bunches of fruit this year except for the Saba which was planted a few months ago.

We have small plants available from all of the varieties listed.

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